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Questions + Bugs in AW.Grid.Extended (probably)

Bug #1

I happens when the grid is shown after page refresh/load. The load method is from JS or from table set
with table.response(csvtextgeneratedinjsvar)
FF works fine.
IE 6 SP2 doesn't show after displaying the grid the left-fixed column / the right-fixed column. If defined.
Plus if not setting "grid.setFixedLeft(0);" it will also not display the first left column = the first column
althrough there is no left-fixed column defined.

After loading some infos via async connection it displays ok.

Bug #2 Partialy

IE works fine
FF 1.0.2 - I will not draw a rectangle height = grid height, width ~ 50 px at the right margin inside the grid
of the grid itself - so there is a rectangle filled with the background grid color.
When resizing it draws that surface ok.
in FF 1.0.7 it resolves this after aprox 1 second.

This happens AFTER loading via async connection some data.

Problem: the sorting works very slow - i have tested also V1 and there it works fast enough not to worry.
It takes a lot of time (In IE). In FF it works very fast indeed. But in FF when sorting It occurs
the rectangle problem. And in this case there are moments when it does repaint and moments when the rectangle
remains on the grid.


Using form filter to display grid

I've seen on http://ajaxtoolbox.com/ the AjaxRequest component they provide.
It has some advantages:

<pre>function submitForm(theform) {
var status = AjaxRequest.submit(
'onSuccess':function(req){ document.forms['form2'].submitResults.value = req.responseText; }
return status;
it auto serialize the form and also gives infos regarding the status of the request

'onLoading':function() { alert("Loading"); }
,'onLoaded':function() { alert("Loaded"); }
,'onInteractive':function() { alert("Interactive"); }
,'onComplete':function() { alert("Complete"); }
,'onSuccess':function() { alert("Success"); }

Also it provides infos during the request itself.

Also (which is very important) by using the "status" variable and returning !status in a
onsubmit() function you'll be able to make async if exists or else sync requests.
So if the browser can make the ansyc it will return false and the form will not be submited.
If is not implemented the form send its request in the old fashioned way via GET or POST as desired.

Question: How is possible to write in the footer cells ? A hint please.

Question: There will be also a multiple-cell selection model ? Since there are implemented
single-cell & single-row & (multiple-row !yet) I suppose there will also be the multiple-cell.

Bug#3 / Problem with formatting date. It worked in V1. Now it's not working anymore.

Nice job after all !
Bog Dan
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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