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Columns "jump" on refresh

Hi all

I seem to be suffering from "jumpy" columns! Let me try and describe what I mean:

I have a grid with both horizontal and vertical scrollbars. When I'm scrolled to the far right and I do an operation (e.g. filter on a column) that triggers a obj.refresh(), the columns sizes seem to change for a instance and then revert to normal - the effect being a somewhat jumpy or jerky grid. When scrolled to the far left this doesn't happen and the grid updates smoothly. Pages concerned are pretty busy so there may be other contributry factors.

I don't know if this is related but I see what looks like a similar effect in the examples grid.htm and virtual.htm, but this time on rows. On these pages, if you scroll down to the bottom, then do a page refresh (F5) you'll see the scrollbar jump up to the top of the grid and then jump back down again (on these pages the horizontal scroll bar returns to the far left on page refresh). Seems to be similar, although not necessarily identical, effects under IE6 and FF.

Any clues on what might be going on would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Tuesday, November 1, 2005
When you refresh a page the grid gets drawn like it would when you first start, that would be in the upper left position. The grid might be using cookies to know where it was last positioned so after it is drawn it returns to that position. I don't see any other way to do it. In my opinion, you are fortunate that after hitting F5 the grid even returns to the selected row or to even where you had it scrolled to. I wrote a grid and when F5 was hit it returned to the upper left position. So I think the AW grid is pretty damn good to return to your previously set position, even if there is a little repainting going on.

You have to keep in mind that F5 normally tells the browser to "start over". At least with the grid you get back to where you were and you don't have to "start over".
Jim Hunter
Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Yes I agree that it's good to return to where you are.

I wonder if there may be other approaches to achieving a grid that apears to update or refresh "smoothly", to do with output buffering in some way.

Alex has mentioned that he intends to add the "please wait, loading....." (loading.gif) to v2 at some stage - maybe this effectively buffers the grid output until its ready in its final form?

Also I'm using php pages and there are buffering techniques that can be used to buffer pages, or parts of pages, until they are ready for display. I can play around with this.

Don't get me wrong - in the big scheme of things this issue is in the "nice to have" catagory. The core functionallity (& flexibility) of displaying grids is really terrific.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

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