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2.0 beta2 change log

Here is the list of changes between beta1 and beta2:

- changed grid initialization sequence (more stable)
- tooltips added to grid cell, headers/footers/corners and row selectors
- added input and combo templates
- added popup frame template

- allow controls in setContent method
- nonzero return value (in event/action handler) cancels further processing
- removed deferred action method - action2()
- removed get/setAction methods
- removed 'parent/child' name support from get/setTemplate methods
- removed generic get/setProperty methods (should use get/setXxxProperty)
- moved get/setModel methods from template to control
- changed AW.System.Control to be AW.System.HTML subclass(was Template)
- moved defineModel method to AW.System.Control
- moved defineTemplate method to AW.System.Control
- added clearXxxModel() methods
- added format property to control and item models
- added support for associative arrays into setProperty methods

- setParameter function in AW.HTTP.Request accepts arrays
- fixed ISO8601 date format name (was ISO8061 :-)
- added date i18n (language files - de, es, fr, nl, pt, ru)
- changed CSV parsing (rows on load, columns on demand)
- added formats in AW.CSV.Table
- fixed index bug in AW.XML.Table formats
- fixed XML processing for Gecko
- added support for XML Data Islands in Gecko

- added HTTPRequest for Safari and Opera
- removed outerHTML emulation for Gecko
- fixed popup template for Gecko, Safari, Opera
- fixed input template for Safari
- fixed grid layout/scrolling in Safari

- added aqua skin
- multiple css fixes


Some of those changes may break your code, most likely if you were using syntax like:


this will no longer work. The correct syntax for controls is:


and from within the template methods:


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Tuesday, November 8, 2005

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