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2.0 beta3 change log

Here is the list of changes between beta2 and beta3

- default data format for AW.CSV.Table and AW.XML.Table is text (was HTML before!!!). Starting with beta3 html control characters will be encoded (<>"& -> &lt; &gt; &quot; &amp;) by default. If you are sending html you have to specify AW.Formats.HTML explicitly.

- added AW.Templates.HTML (no internal elements, just single span container). Use this template if you are sending raw html.

- added lazy class initialization to all classes
- implemented addRow/deleteRow functions (only for js array data source)
- added sort comparator to format objects
- added formats to all xml/csv examples

- removed AW.Tree.Grid, AW.Tree.Extended classes (postponed until version 2.1)

- fixed changed/changing events called twice
- fixed column resizing bug in IE when grid is inside html TABLE
- fixed column resizing bug in Moz/FF
- fixed column resizing bug in Safari
- fixed missing text cursor inside input box in Moz/FF
- fixed missing scrollbars bug in Moz/FF 1.5
- fixed mousewheel scrolling parent page
- fixed sorting bug in Safari
- fixed missing getFormat function in xml/csv models

new names for the following methods (old methods obsolete but still available):

action -> raiseEvent
timeout -> setTimeout
setControlSize (AW.System.Control) -> setSize (AW.System.HTML)
setControlPosition (AW.System.Control) -> setPosition (AW.System.HTML)


cell editing code had rolled back from beta3 - see



beta3 should work in Safari 2.0 (mostly, except for editing and keyboard navigation).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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