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How to Use Combo Box In Grid Along with Tabs Menu In Version 1.0

I have implemented the Database Driven Update, Delete options in Version 1.0 along with Tab Menues & wants to use Comobo Box along side that,which is present in The Exteneded Grid Version 2.0,

Plkz Tell me What I have to do ,

1- Whether i have shift all of my Version 1.0 Implmentation to Extended Grid Version 2.0. Which is Very Difficult becuz i have already used that grid version 1.0 in too many forms.
2- I can Implement Comobo Box in Grid Version 1.0 along side Tab Menues.

If you would be able to tell me how to do that in Veriosn 1.0 I would be very greatful 2 u.

Anxioulsy waiting 4 Ur reply.

Imran Mirza
Vital Managment Services Pvt. Ltd.
Imran Mirza
Friday, December 2, 2005

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