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Multi-line text - different behaviour between IE and FF?

I have observed different behaviour for multi-line text between IE6 and FF1.5 and between header rows and cells (this is evident from playing with the quickref/grid.htm example):

in IE everything works fine in headers and cells, that is multiline text is vertically, centrally aligned in the header or cell;

in FF header rows, behaviour is also fine i.e. as above, but things are not quite right in cells. When applying getRowTemplate().setClass("text", "wrap"), it seems that all text in cells in the grid is suddenly given a left margin (which if you have narrow cells pushes your cell contents beyond the right cell boundary). The text does wrap into two lines, but the top line doesn't move up vertically, so the two lines of text are not centered vertically in the cell (again if the row height is not sufficient this means that the second line of text can fall below the bottom cell boundary).

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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