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When can we expect v2beta4 release?

Hi Alex,

Could you Kindly give us an idea when beta4 would be available for us. Will beta4 have 'Pagination' features for data exceeding rows-per-page limit setting?? The reason why i ask is that.. Loading 141 rows takes 4.82seconds under a 2.1GHz, PIV, 256MB, WINXP PC. VirtualMode does not prove to be very helpful though. Atleast people could wait for the time taken on the initial load rather than getting annoyed with the tighty-whity scroll lags happening throughout the UI.

You are doing an excellent job and please keep up the your good works. I am also waiting for the final AW release and licensing matters from you in the long run.

Best Regards
Md. Sheriff, Drivestream
Thursday, December 15, 2005
Sounds like you are asking for both speed when using virtual paging and speed when not using it. The nature of the grid isn't going to allow it. If you are not using virtual paging then your wait time to render the grid will get longer and longer the more data you have. If you search the forums you will find a work around for version 1 that should work for version 2, that allows for faster initial rendering. It involves intitially setting your number of rows to a small number, like 10 (or however many rows are displayed), then once the grid is done loading all the data, change the number of rows to the actual number. This makes the actual overall load time of the grid much faster and the 'preceived' load time even faster then the actual load time. I was able to get load times down from 20 seconds to under 5 with render times down around <2 seconds.
Jim Hunter
Thursday, December 15, 2005

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