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Grid control.


 var obj = new AW.UI.Grid; 


Derived Classes:


bottomBottom-left corner (selector) data.
bottom dataBottom selector data.
bottom formatBottom selector formatting object.
bottom imageBottom selector image.
bottom linkBottom selector hyperlink URL.
bottom stateBottom selector state.
bottom textBottom selector text.
bottom tooltipBottom selector tooltip.
bottom valueBottom selector value.
cellCell data.
cell dataCell data.
cell editableIndicates whether the cell can be edited.
cell formatCell formatting object.
cell imageCell image.
cell linkCell hyperlink URL.
cell selectedIndicates whether the cell is selected.
cell stateCell state.
cell textCell text.
cell tooltipCell tooltip.
cell valueCell value.
columnColumn indices and state.
column countNumber of columns.
column indicesArray of the column indices.
column offsetOffset of the first column.
column positionColumn position.
column resizableIndicates whether the column is resizable.
column selectedIndicates whether the column is selected.
column stateColumn state.
column widthColumn width.
contentContent sections size.
content heightHeight of the content section.
content widthWidth of the content section.
controlControl data.
control formatFormatting object.
control imageImage name.
control linkHyperlink URL.
control stateControl's state.
control textDisplayed text.
control tooltipTooltip text.
control valueControl's value.
control visibleControl's visibility.
currentCurrent row/column.
current columnCurrent column.
current rowCurrent row.
current selectionIndicates what is selected.
fixedNumber of fixed columns.
fixed leftNumber of the fixed columns on the left side.
fixed rightNumber of the fixed columns on the right side.
footerFooter data.
footer countNumber of footer rows.
footer dataFooter data.
footer formatFooter formatting object.
footer heightHeight of the footer row.
footer imageFooter image.
footer indicesArray of footer row indices.
footer linkFooter hyperlink URL.
footer offsetOffset of the first footer row.
footer stateFooter row state.
footer textFooter text.
footer tooltipFooter tooltip.
footer valueFooter value.
footer visibleIndicates whether footers are visible.
headerHeader data.
header countNumber of header rows.
header dataHeader data.
header formatHeader formatting object.
header heightHeight of the header row.
header imageHeader image.
header indicesArray of header row indices.
header linkHeader hyperlink URL.
header offsetOffset of the first header row.
header stateHeader row state.
header textHeader text.
header tooltipHeader tooltip.
header valueHeader value.
header visibleIndicates whether headers are visible.
panelPanel sections sizes.
panel heightPanel section height.
panel widthPanel section width.
rowRows data.
row countNumber of rows.
row heightRow height.
row indicesArray of the row indices.
row offsetOffset of the first row.
row positionRow position.
row selectedIndicates if the row is selected.
row stateRow state.
scrollScroll data.
scroll barsIndicates which scrollbars are visible.
scroll heightVertical scrolling range.
scroll leftHorizontal scroll position.
scroll topVertical scroll position.
scroll widthHorizontal scrolling range.
selectedSelection data.
selected columnsArray of the selected columns indices.
selected rowsArray of the selected rows indices.
selectionSelection type.
selection modeSelection mode.
selection multipleIndicates whether multiple selection is allowed.
selectorRow selector data.
selector dataRow selector data.
selector formatRow selector formatting object.
selector imageRow selector image.
selector linkRow selector hyperlink URL.
selector resizableIndicates whether the selector is resizable.
selector stateRow selector state.
selector textRow selector text.
selector tooltipRow selector tooltip.
selector valueRow selector value.
selector visibleIndicates whether row selector is visible.
selector widthRow selector width.
sortSort data.
sort columnIndex of the last sorted column.
sort directionSort direction.
tabTab index.
tab indexTab index.
topTop selector data.
top dataTop selector data.
top formatTop selector formatting object.
top imageTop selector image.
top linkTop selector hyperlink URL.
top stateTop selector state.
top textTop selector text.
top tooltipTop selector tooltip.
top valueTop selector value.
virtualVirtual mode data.
virtual modeIndicates whether virtual mode is enabled.
virtual topView area top row position.


bottomSelectorBottom selector template.
cellCell template.
contentContent template.
footerFooter cell template.
footersFooter row template.
headerHeader cell template.
headersHeaders row template.
layoutGrid layout template.
panelPanel section template.
popupPopup content template.
rowRow template.
rowsRow list template.
scrollScrollbars template.
selectorRow selector template.
separatorHeader separator template.
topSelectorTop selector template.


addRowAdds new grid row.
calculateCellStateReturns cell state.
calculateRowStateReturns row state.
clearClears all models.
clearBottomModelClears bottom model
clearCellModelClears cell model
clearColumnModelClears column model
clearContentModelClears content model
clearControlModelClears control model
clearCurrentModelClears current model
clearFixedModelClears fixed model
clearFooterModelClears footer model
clearHeaderModelClears header model
clearPanelModelClears panel model
clearRowModelClears row model
clearScrollModelClears scroll model
clearSelectedModelClears selected model
clearSelectionModelClears selection model
clearSelectorModelClears selector model
clearSortModelClears sort model
clearTabModelClears tab model
clearTopModelClears top model
clearVirtualModelClears virtual model
cloneCreates an object clone.
defineBottomPropertyCreates new bottom property
defineCellPropertyCreates new cell property
defineColumnPropertyCreates new column property
defineContentPropertyCreates new content property
defineControlPropertyCreates new control property
defineCurrentPropertyCreates new current property
defineFixedPropertyCreates new fixed property
defineFooterPropertyCreates new footer property
defineHeaderPropertyCreates new header property
defineModelCreates get/set methods for the model.
definePanelPropertyCreates new panel property
defineRowPropertyCreates new row property
defineScrollPropertyCreates new scroll property
defineSelectedPropertyCreates new selected property
defineSelectionPropertyCreates new selection property
defineSelectorPropertyCreates new selector property
defineSortPropertyCreates new sort property
defineTabPropertyCreates new tab property
defineTemplateCreates get/set methods for the template.
defineTopPropertyCreates new top property
defineVirtualPropertyCreates new virtual property
deleteRowDeletes the grid row.
elementReturns the reference to the HTML element.
getAttributeReturns the value of the attribute.
getBottomDataReturns bottom data
getBottomFormatReturns bottom format
getBottomImageReturns bottom image
getBottomLinkReturns bottom link
getBottomModelReturns bottom model
getBottomPropertyReturns bottom property
getBottomSelectorTemplateReturns bottomSelector template
getBottomStateReturns bottom state
getBottomTextReturns bottom text
getBottomTooltipReturns bottom tooltip
getBottomValueReturns bottom value
getCellDataReturns cell data
getCellEditableReturns cell editable
getCellFormatReturns cell format
getCellImageReturns cell image
getCellLinkReturns cell link
getCellModelReturns cell model
getCellPropertyReturns cell property
getCellSelectedReturns cell selected
getCellStateReturns cell state
getCellTemplateReturns cell template
getCellTextReturns cell text
getCellTooltipReturns cell tooltip
getCellValueReturns cell value
getClassReturns the value of the CSS class.
getColumnCountReturns column count
getColumnIndicesReturns column indices
getColumnModelReturns column model
getColumnOffsetReturns column offset
getColumnPositionReturns column position
getColumnPropertyReturns column property
getColumnResizableReturns column resizable
getColumnSelectedReturns column selected
getColumnStateReturns column state
getColumnWidthReturns column width
getContentReturns the named HTML fragment.
getContentHeightReturns content height
getContentModelReturns content model
getContentPropertyReturns content property
getContentTemplateReturns content template
getContentWidthReturns content width
getControlFormatReturns control format
getControlImageReturns control image
getControlLinkReturns control link
getControlModelReturns control model
getControlPropertyReturns control property
getControlStateReturns control state
getControlTextReturns control text
getControlTooltipReturns control tooltip
getControlValueReturns control value
getControlVisibleReturns control visible
getCurrentColumnReturns current column
getCurrentModelReturns current model
getCurrentPropertyReturns current property
getCurrentRowReturns current row
getCurrentSelectionReturns current selection
getEventReturns the HTML event handler.
getFixedLeftReturns fixed left
getFixedModelReturns fixed model
getFixedPropertyReturns fixed property
getFixedRightReturns fixed right
getFooterCountReturns footer count
getFooterDataReturns footer data
getFooterFormatReturns footer format
getFooterHeightReturns footer height
getFooterImageReturns footer image
getFooterIndicesReturns footer indices
getFooterLinkReturns footer link
getFooterModelReturns footer model
getFooterOffsetReturns footer offset
getFooterPropertyReturns footer property
getFooterStateReturns footer state
getFooterTemplateReturns footer template
getFooterTextReturns footer text
getFooterTooltipReturns footer tooltip
getFooterValueReturns footer value
getFooterVisibleReturns footer visible
getFootersTemplateReturns footers template
getHeaderCountReturns header count
getHeaderDataReturns header data
getHeaderFormatReturns header format
getHeaderHeightReturns header height
getHeaderImageReturns header image
getHeaderIndicesReturns header indices
getHeaderLinkReturns header link
getHeaderModelReturns header model
getHeaderOffsetReturns header offset
getHeaderPropertyReturns header property
getHeaderStateReturns header state
getHeaderTemplateReturns header template
getHeaderTextReturns header text
getHeaderTooltipReturns header tooltip
getHeaderValueReturns header value
getHeaderVisibleReturns header visible
getHeadersTemplateReturns headers template
getIdReturns the unique ID of this object.
getLayoutTemplateReturns layout template
getModelReturns the external model.
getPanelHeightReturns panel height
getPanelModelReturns panel model
getPanelPropertyReturns panel property
getPanelTemplateReturns panel template
getPanelWidthReturns panel width
getPopupTemplateReturns popup template
getRowCountReturns row count
getRowHeightReturns row height
getRowIndicesReturns row indices
getRowModelReturns row model
getRowOffsetReturns row offset
getRowPositionReturns row position
getRowPropertyReturns row property
getRowSelectedReturns row selected
getRowStateReturns row state
getRowTemplateReturns row template
getRowsTemplateReturns rows template
getScrollBarsReturns scroll bars
getScrollHeightReturns scroll height
getScrollLeftReturns scroll left
getScrollModelReturns scroll model
getScrollPropertyReturns scroll property
getScrollTemplateReturns scroll template
getScrollTopReturns scroll top
getScrollWidthReturns scroll width
getSelectedColumnsReturns selected columns
getSelectedModelReturns selected model
getSelectedPropertyReturns selected property
getSelectedRowsReturns selected rows
getSelectionModeReturns selection mode
getSelectionModelReturns selection model
getSelectionMultipleReturns selection multiple
getSelectionPropertyReturns selection property
getSelectorDataReturns selector data
getSelectorFormatReturns selector format
getSelectorImageReturns selector image
getSelectorLinkReturns selector link
getSelectorModelReturns selector model
getSelectorPropertyReturns selector property
getSelectorResizableReturns selector resizable
getSelectorStateReturns selector state
getSelectorTemplateReturns selector template
getSelectorTextReturns selector text
getSelectorTooltipReturns selector tooltip
getSelectorValueReturns selector value
getSelectorVisibleReturns selector visible
getSelectorWidthReturns selector width
getSeparatorTemplateReturns separator template
getSortColumnReturns sort column
getSortDirectionReturns sort direction
getSortModelReturns sort model
getSortPropertyReturns sort property
getStyleReturns the value of the CSS style attribute.
getTabIndexReturns tab index
getTabModelReturns tab model
getTabPropertyReturns tab property
getTagReturns the HTML tag name.
getTemplateReturns the template.
getTopDataReturns top data
getTopFormatReturns top format
getTopImageReturns top image
getTopLinkReturns top link
getTopModelReturns top model
getTopPropertyReturns top property
getTopSelectorTemplateReturns topSelector template
getTopStateReturns top state
getTopTextReturns top text
getTopTooltipReturns top tooltip
getTopValueReturns top value
getVirtualModeReturns virtual mode
getVirtualModelReturns virtual model
getVirtualPropertyReturns virtual property
getVirtualTopReturns virtual top
initInitializes the object.
mapModelRedirects property requests.
mapTemplateRedirects template requests.
raiseEventRaises AW control event.
refreshUpdates the HTML element.
refreshClassesUpdates the className attribute of the HTML element.
setAttributeSets the value of the attribute.
setBottomDataSets bottom data
setBottomFormatSets bottom format
setBottomImageSets bottom image
setBottomLinkSets bottom link
setBottomModelSets bottom model
setBottomPropertySets bottom property
setBottomSelectorTemplateSets bottomSelector template
setBottomStateSets bottom state
setBottomTextSets bottom text
setBottomTooltipSets bottom tooltip
setBottomValueSets bottom value
setCellDataSets cell data
setCellEditableSets cell editable
setCellFormatSets cell format
setCellImageSets cell image
setCellLinkSets cell link
setCellModelSets cell model
setCellPropertySets cell property
setCellSelectedSets cell selected
setCellStateSets cell state
setCellTemplateSets cell template
setCellTextSets cell text
setCellTooltipSets cell tooltip
setCellValueSets cell value
setClassSets the value of the CSS class.
setColumnCountSets column count
setColumnIndicesSets column indices
setColumnModelSets column model
setColumnOffsetSets column offset
setColumnPositionSets column position
setColumnPropertySets column property
setColumnResizableSets column resizable
setColumnSelectedSets column selected
setColumnStateSets column state
setColumnWidthSets column width
setContentAdds the static HTML fragment to the object.
setContentHeightSets content height
setContentModelSets content model
setContentPropertySets content property
setContentTemplateSets content template
setContentWidthSets content width
setControlFormatSets control format
setControlImageSets control image
setControlLinkSets control link
setControlModelSets control model
setControlPropertySets control property
setControlStateSets control state
setControlTextSets control text
setControlTooltipSets control tooltip
setControlValueSets control value
setControlVisibleSets control visible
setControllerAssigns the controller.
setCurrentColumnSets current column
setCurrentModelSets current model
setCurrentPropertySets current property
setCurrentRowSets current row
setCurrentSelectionSets current selection
setEventAssigns the HTML event handler.
setFixedLeftSets fixed left
setFixedModelSets fixed model
setFixedPropertySets fixed property
setFixedRightSets fixed right
setFooterCountSets footer count
setFooterDataSets footer data
setFooterFormatSets footer format
setFooterHeightSets footer height
setFooterImageSets footer image
setFooterIndicesSets footer indices
setFooterLinkSets footer link
setFooterModelSets footer model
setFooterOffsetSets footer offset
setFooterPropertySets footer property
setFooterStateSets footer state
setFooterTemplateSets footer template
setFooterTextSets footer text
setFooterTooltipSets footer tooltip
setFooterValueSets footer value
setFooterVisibleSets footer visible
setFootersTemplateSets footers template
setHeaderCountSets header count
setHeaderDataSets header data
setHeaderFormatSets header format
setHeaderHeightSets header height
setHeaderImageSets header image
setHeaderIndicesSets header indices
setHeaderLinkSets header link
setHeaderModelSets header model
setHeaderOffsetSets header offset
setHeaderPropertySets header property
setHeaderStateSets header state
setHeaderTemplateSets header template
setHeaderTextSets header text
setHeaderTooltipSets header tooltip
setHeaderValueSets header value
setHeaderVisibleSets header visible
setHeadersTemplateSets headers template
setIdSets the unique ID for this object.
setLayoutTemplateSets layout template
setModelAssigns the external model.
setPanelHeightSets panel height
setPanelModelSets panel model
setPanelPropertySets panel property
setPanelTemplateSets panel template
setPanelWidthSets panel width
setPopupTemplateSets popup template
setPositionSets element position (absolute).
setRowCountSets row count
setRowHeightSets row height
setRowIndicesSets row indices
setRowModelSets row model
setRowOffsetSets row offset
setRowPositionSets row position
setRowPropertySets row property
setRowSelectedSets row selected
setRowStateSets row state
setRowTemplateSets row template
setRowsTemplateSets rows template
setScrollBarsSets scroll bars
setScrollHeightSets scroll height
setScrollLeftSets scroll left
setScrollModelSets scroll model
setScrollPropertySets scroll property
setScrollTemplateSets scroll template
setScrollTopSets scroll top
setScrollWidthSets scroll width
setSelectedColumnsSets selected columns
setSelectedModelSets selected model
setSelectedPropertySets selected property
setSelectedRowsSets selected rows
setSelectionModeSets selection mode
setSelectionModelSets selection model
setSelectionMultipleSets selection multiple
setSelectionPropertySets selection property
setSelectorDataSets selector data
setSelectorFormatSets selector format
setSelectorImageSets selector image
setSelectorLinkSets selector link
setSelectorModelSets selector model
setSelectorPropertySets selector property
setSelectorResizableSets selector resizable
setSelectorStateSets selector state
setSelectorTemplateSets selector template
setSelectorTextSets selector text
setSelectorTooltipSets selector tooltip
setSelectorValueSets selector value
setSelectorVisibleSets selector visible
setSelectorWidthSets selector width
setSeparatorTemplateSets separator template
setSizeSets element size.
setSortColumnSets sort column
setSortDirectionSets sort direction
setSortModelSets sort model
setSortPropertySets sort property
setStyleSets the value of the CSS style attribute.
setTabIndexSets tab index
setTabModelSets tab model
setTabPropertySets tab property
setTagSets the HTML tag name.
setTemplateAssigns the template.
setTimeoutCalls the function after the specified delay.
setTopDataSets top data
setTopFormatSets top format
setTopImageSets top image
setTopLinkSets top link
setTopModelSets top model
setTopPropertySets top property
setTopSelectorTemplateSets topSelector template
setTopStateSets top state
setTopTextSets top text
setTopTooltipSets top tooltip
setTopValueSets top value
setVirtualModeSets virtual mode
setVirtualModelSets virtual model
setVirtualPropertySets virtual property
setVirtualTopSets virtual top
sortSorts the grid rows.
toStringConverts object to string.


property change events - property changing/changed
template change events - template changed
control activation events - control activated/deactivated (focus/blur)
control keyboard events - keypress and special keys
control mouse events - control mouseover, mousedown, click
row mouse events - row mouseover, mousedown, click
row add/delete events - adding and deleting rows
header/footer mouse events - header mouseover, mousedown, click
selector mouse events - selector mouseover, mousedown, click
cell mouse events - cell mouseover, mousedown, click
cell edit events - cell editing and validation


Loading grid content from the javascript array -

var myCells = [
    ["MSFT","Microsoft Corporation", "314,571.156"],
    ["ORCL", "Oracle Corporation", "62,615.266"]

var myHeaders = ["Ticker", "Company Name", "Market Cap."];

// create grid object
var obj = new AW.UI.Grid;

// assign cells and headers text

// set number of columns/rows

// write grid to the page

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